Adult TKD

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Adult TKD training programmes across the Leicestershire area

Enrol in our Taekwon-Do training programme for adults at Burbage Taekwon-Do Academy with a free trial class before you can actually start your training.

Beginners Taekwon-Do training for adults

Adult TKD programmes are the beginners level training programmes for adults who wish to learn this form of martial art. 
Take a trial session to know about the art and our training methods. When you enrol, your initial sessions will be to get you used to the form of martial art and our training routines. The training is based on how well you learn and there is no pressure on you to master a technique in a given time. 

You can choose from different available membership options. We recommend training twice a week on a Silver Academy Membership, this is our most popular priced at £4.95 per class. When you train with us there are many other opportunities on offer to you that include:

Regular belt testing
Training seminars
National tournaments
International and world championships

We also provide private tuition to students who want a personal instructor. You can also sign up for combat training, sparring and pad work sessions to train for specific techniques. Contact us today for more details.
Black belt degree level training
Personal instruction

Personal instruction

With our private tuition, get a personal instructor for a one-on-one training session.
Self-paced learning

Self-paced learning

Train yourself until you feel you can proceed further.
students practicing
Love the new venue!! I wish you many happy years to come!!!
- Nichola Clark, recent addition to our training programme
Adult TKD training programmes in Leicestershire. Call Burbage Taekwon-Do Academy on 01455 69 70 71 for more information on the programme.

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